Home Sports Identified the trucker who fatally ran over Rebellin

Identified the trucker who fatally ran over Rebellin

Identified the trucker who fatally ran over Rebellin

The Italian police, in collaboration with the German authorities, has identified this Friday the trucker of German nationality who ran over and killed the Italian ex-cyclist Davide Rebellin in the vicinity of the municipality of Montebello Vicentino (Vicenza, northeast) on Wednesday, November 30. Rebellin, 51, who ended his sports career a little over a month and a half ago, was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a truck that continued on his route and he missed the trace.

The 50-year-old trucker was fully aware of the seriousness of the events as he got out of the vehicle and got back on immediately to continue on his way, according to the Vincenza Prosecutor’s Office, thanks to testimonies from the people who came to help the driver. cyclist at the time he was hit. Thanks to images from a nearby security camera, the vehicle was identified and, in collaboration with the Tax Agency and the Center for Police Cooperation of Italy, Austria and Slovenia, It was discovered that it belonged to a German shipping company that had a driver on its staff who was in Italy working on November 30, the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

The driver, brother of the owner of the transport company, had already been sentenced by the Italian Court of Foggia (south) por failing to provide assistance after a road accident to the people affected in 2001, while in 2014 his driving license was withdrawn in Chieti (central east) for driving drunk. The Vincenza Prosecutor’s Office, which will now proceed to carry out the autopsy of Rebellin’s body, continues with the investigation work for the exact reconstruction of the events.

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