ICC U19 WC 2022: Pakistan and South Africa end their campaign with a win in playoff matches

South Africa U-19 cricket team and Pakistan U-19 cricket team

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  • The first match was played between Pakistan and Sri Lanka for fifth place.
  • The second match was between South Africa and Bangladesh for 7th place.

Two playoff matches were played yesterday ahead of the final of the ICC U19 World Cup 2022. The first match was played between Pakistan and Sri Lanka for fifth place, while the second match was between South Africa and Bangladesh for seventh place. place. The teams from Pakistan and South Africa won both matches.

Yesterday’s first match was played in the playoff, which was for 5th place, in which Pakistan beat Sri Lanka by 238. In this match, Sri Lanka won the toss and invited Pakistan to bat first. Batting first, the Pakistan team had scored a gargantuan score of 365 runs for the loss of 3 wickets in 50 overs due to century innings from Hasibullah Khan (136) and captain Qasim Akram (135), in response to which the Sri Lankan team 34.2 A for all after scoring 127 runs in the over.

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In this match, captain Qasim Akram showed great bowling after batting for Pakistan. He took 5 wickets in his 10 overs spell spending 37 runs. Qasim was also voted man of the match for his excellent performance in all aspects.

Also in the second playoff match, South Africa beat Bangladesh by 2 wickets to end their campaign with a tournament win. The South African team finished seventh in the tournament with this victory.

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In the match, the Bangladeshi team won the toss and batted first and scored a challenging score of 293 runs in the 50 overs stipulated game, in response to which the South African team scored 298 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in 48, 5 overs Devald Brevis was voted man of the match for his brilliant play.

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