ICC made a big change to the slow rate rule, it will be applicable from the current version of WTC

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced a major change to the slow surcharge rule. The decision to change this rule was made at the ongoing ICC annual meeting in Durban. This new rule will be implemented from this edition of the World Test Championship (WTC), in which players will get great relief in terms of fines. In the final of the second edition of the WTC, where the Indian team was fined 100 percent for speeding. At the same time, Australia was also fined 80 percent.

Under the new slow surcharge rule, no team will be fined 100 percent of the match fee. In the update issued by the ICC, it was said that due to the slow rate, the WTC point penalty imposed on teams will continue as before. The percentage of the fine imposed on players is modified.

Giving information, the ICC said that according to the new rule, players’ match fees will now be deducted by 5 per cent for each over. The penalty percentage will increase according to the number of overs that are less than the stipulated time. In this, only a maximum player will be fined 50 percent of the match fee, which was previously 100 percent.

The ICC has made another important change to the slow surcharge rule. In this, if a team gets all-in before 80 overs and there is no new ball pending, then the bowling team will not have to face any slow over rate penalties. The current limit of 60 overs is removed in the new amendment.

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