ICC has come out with a new rule that will increase problems for the bowlers, there is a connection with the timeout rule.

A new rule has been introduced in international cricket that will cause difficulties for the bowling team. These new rules relate to the timeout rule. This rule applies to bowlers in the same way that the timeout rule applies to batsmen. Actually, the bowling team now has to make sure that after an over, the next bowler is ready to bowl the next over within 60 seconds, i.e. a minute. If this does not happen, a penalty will be imposed.

This new rule will be implemented by the ICC on a trial basis in the Men’s ODI and T20 International between December 2023 and April 2024. As per the rules, a clock is used to measure the time between two overs. If the bowling team is not ready for the next over within 60 seconds, i.e. one minute after an over, a fielding penalty will be assessed. However, the penalty will be imposed if the bowling team bowls the second ball not more than three times within a minute in an innings. He will then be assessed a penalty of 5 runs.

In the 2023 World Cup, the time-out rule came under discussion in the match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on November 6 when Sri Lankan batsman Angel Mathews was given a time-out by Bangladesh. Mathews was the first player to be given a break in international cricket. After reaching the crease, Mathews was unable to play the next ball within two minutes due to his broken helmet, for which he was given a time-out due to Bangladesh’s appeal.

Under World Cup playing conditions, after a batsman was out or out, the next batsman had to be ready to play the ball within 2 minutes. In this way, Mathews fell victim to a timeout.

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