Ibrahimovic glimpses his decline

Ibrahimovic glimpses his decline

“Withdrawal? We are not at that point yet” or “I’m like Benjamin Button, I was born old, but I’ve always been young, never old.. These are some of the statements made recently by the Swedish striker for Milan, which suggested that he, despite his 41 years, would still not hang up his boots. Nevertheless, his last knee injury (cruciate ligament tear) is turning out to be a reality check: time is also passing for Ibra.

“During the last 6 months I played without anterior cruciate ligament in my left knee. My knee was swollen for 6 months. I was only able to train with the team 10 times in the last 6 months. They gave me more than 20 injections in 6 months,” said the former player of LA Galaxy, Barcelona, ​​PSG, Ajax, Inter or Juventus, among others.

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With his return predicted for this January, Neither he nor the medical services dare to set a date for Zlatan’s return, who is celebrating more than half a year (276 days) being a regular in the sick leave of the Italian team’s medical services and unable to be another attacking asset for Stefano Pioli. The Achilles tendon is also another headache for the Swede.

Maradona already avoided his withdrawal

Seeing a documentary about Maradona, he had decided to go to Napoli to win the Scudetto. He was tired of America, I even thought of leaving him., but Raiola told me: ‘you’re crazy, you have to go back to Italy’. Everything was done with Napoli, but then De Laurentis threw Ancelotti out and everything changed. So I asked Mino what is the worst team I can switch to? He replied ‘Milan lost 5-0 yesterday’ and I told him ‘decided, let’s go to Milan’”, expressed Ibra.

The one from Malmö, who without the anterior cruciate ligament was the X factor (eight goals and three assists) for Milan that recovered the crown from Calcium, scored his last goal on January 9 against Venezia. Since then, still blank this seasonhaving already lost 32 games, and with a lot of uncertainty about whether he will end up doing it.


So, as he advances La Gazzetta dello Sport, its short-term future is uncertain. Although he is on a pedestal in San Sirothe rossoneri They are considering not renewing their contract, which ends next July. IbraTherefore, he meditates his withdrawal. But the club, as a gesture, would offer him an ambassador role.


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