Ibon Navarro warns: “Betis is competing very well”

New final against Coosur Real Betis. “All the games from now on are going to be important, but Betis is a team that is going to demand a lot from us. He has competed in all the matches until the end and although it seems that the result in the Palau is bulky, the sensations are totally different. They are competing very well, they were able to win in Santiago in a match in which they were brilliant. A very Luis Casimiro team, with his style already marked in the way of playing. It will require us to be at our highest level”.

Analysis of the Sevillians. “They have been incorporating players and the assimilation of basketball that Luis (Casimiro) wants makes them exploit that physique, makes them use it to the fullest. With talented and physical players in all positions. At the statistical level Shannon Evans is standing out a lot, but there are others who mark the level between defeats and victories a lot. Bertans himself, Burjanadze, Pasecnicks, Brown… Many players in all positions that we have to be able to control through good collective work. One of the keys was how we approached the game, as I hope we all do. Being clear about the situation in which we are and where we would like to be. Not from pressure, but from an illusion. We are on time, there are many games left. Both for one thing and for another we need victories now, the team understood this and faced the game as we should. There are days when you can be more successful, but the important thing is how you get to the match and what your mentality is to play it”.

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Importance of winning this match. “If we only focus on the good consequences of a victory or the bad consequences of a defeat, we are going to forget the most important thing, which is how we have to play. It is clear that it is no use putting yourself in the situation of a victory or a defeat, you have to be focused on playing, on getting to the game and how to face it, on the things we want to do, on the energy we want to put, on being competitive against a team that is playing very well. Focus only on the process and not the end. If things that we have already known cannot come, frustrations, wanting to be in a place where you are not… It is better to be in the present, in the moment and go from possession to possession and putting everyone to the maximum”.

Baxi Manresa in the BCL. “Any of the three rivals would have been difficult (the others were Hapoel or Tenerife) but Manresa is playing extraordinary basketball and everything works out for them”.

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