Ibon Navarro: “In the absence of palpable objectives, we have to be honest”

Game in Burgos without playoff options for the title. “We are athletes, we are professionals and these things are part of sport. You can lament and cry, but you don’t compete. It is about those of us who are giving 100% or more to be able to compensate and supply what is contributed by those who will not be able to be. Give our best to try to compete and win”.

Burgos are in trouble. “The tension is good, in its fair measure. When there is too much, it leads you to make mistakes by not arriving at the right places at the right times. It makes you lose the sense of the game at the level of being at the right time at the right time. We have to meet at the best moment of activation. We will have to raise it and they will have to lower it. Then we will have to adapt to the situations and that is where the game of the coaches comes in”.

Opponent Analysis. “It is a team that has been adding players, if they had this skeleton for a long time they would be better. They are players who give them a very high competitive and talent level. Clemmons’ input is a nice counterpoint to Renfroe, although I think Nikolic was helping them as well. The role of Jarrell Eddie and Vitor Benite is fundamental in that team at an attacking level, but Xabi Rabaseda gives them a lot of balance at a defensive level. Cady Lalanne will give them more consistency in the inside game alongside Landry Nnoko. The versatility of Salash and Tarik Philliphs that helps them in one and two. It is a team that has many weapons, obviously the dynamics and the situation in which they are helps us to unfold its full potential. But it is a team whose dynamic is the only obstacle to being a team of a much higher level, we could even talk about the playoffs. When you find yourself down there with players who were not seen down there at the beginning of the season, it is a significant barrier. Just as others who are above and released from tension perform above their level. When you’re down you underperform many times.”

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10th place target. “The athlete always wants to win, he always wants to improve. We are still lucky enough to have 10 days of the season, until the last we have to try to be better and give our best version. We are going to play three games, which is a lot. We have to give our best. In the absence of palpable qualifying objectives, we have to be honest, faithful to who we are to give our best version “

absences of Abronaitis, Francis Alonso and Carlos Suarez. Cameron, with viral process. “Surely Francis will not be available, we are going to try to get Jonathan to arrive even though he has not been able to train all week. We are very cautious with Alberto, who has not been able to train normally like Darío. Now we have Cameron Oliver with a viral process, that we are going to see if he allows him to travel and help the team a little ”.

New alternative for Saint-Supéry “We have recovered Mario from the Spanish Championship so that he can at least help us do the warm-up session because if not, we won’t even have enough for that. The others are, knock on wood, well to be able to play on Sunday”.

Attempt to sign players. “It was searched and there were names on the table, it was tried. Either because you had to wait, or because there were paper problems, or because what was expected to come for 2 or 3 weeks was excessive. When you want the work of 12 to be done by 10, problems arise. Little things have been appearing that have not helped. The Tim thing is a blow, the Cameron thing… Things that don’t help. I am confident that those of us who are here will be able to compete well and we can win”.

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