Ibai Llanos’ Kings League Signs Legendary Player from Athletic Club and Granada

Kings League: A New Chapter Unfolds with Mikel Rico’s Arrival

The Most Important Moment in the History of the Kings League

For over a month, the Kings League has been living the most significant moment in its history, the Kings World Cup final. Gerard Piqué brought the biggest competition to Mexico, featuring teams from the Spanish league, Latin American league, and guests from around the world. The event was attended by some of the biggest content creators on the planet, as well as football legends like Totti, Hazard, and Nainggolan.

Pigs from Ibai Llanos Claim the First World Cup Trophy

Of the 36 teams that participated, only one could claim the First World Cup trophy in Kings League history, and that was the Pigs from Ibai Llanos. The Basque team arrived at the tournament with some new features, including a new coach, Nacho Castro, and player number 13, Adri Lledó, who proved to be key to winning the title.

Mikel Rico Joins Porcinos

After the adventure and victory in Mexico, the club of Ibai Llanos suffered numerous casualties, including the departure of Pablo Hernandez, who returned to traditional football as Castellon B coach. The team had to search for collateral substitutes and it seems that Mikel Rico is the new addition.

Fourth Split of the Kings League and Saiyans to Defend the Title

The fourth split of the Kings League and Saiyans will arrive at Cupra Arena in late September, with the current champions looking to defend their title. The teams will have to do a great job to snatch the crown from them, and Ibai and Porcinos have prepared an authentic bombshell by announcing player number 13 by surprise, Mikel Rico, a recently retired former Spanish first division football player.

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A Great Career that will Continue in the Kings League

As we mentioned, Mikel Rico will be an unusual profile in the Kings League, with a career spanning over 230 games in Primera, playing for teams like Granada, Athletic Club, and Huesca. His latest adventure before retirement was this season in Cartagena, in the Second Division. So, the last adventure of Mikel Rico on the grass will be in the Kings League.

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