“If Steve Smith becomes the captain of the Australian test team again, it will be like increasing the circus even more.” This statement has been given by former Australian goalkeeper Ian Healy. Ian Haley said: ‘I have no problem with Steve Smith becoming the captain of Australia again. I agree that you have paid a high price for your lazy captaincy. That is their crime.

He said: ‘Most people think that Smith scratched in South Africa, but these people forget that during that time they just weren’t aware of what was going on and couldn’t stop that incident. This was his only fault and because of this he had to face a ban for one year. But I still think that Smith should not be captain again because it would be like increasing the circus.

On the decision to resign from the Paine team captaincy, he said: ‘Pain resigned of his own free will. Cricket Australia wanted him to stay, the coach wanted him to remain captain, but they probably didn’t want to upset the coming circus so they left. This strict comment from Ian Healy was about the incidents that occurred one after another at Cricket Australia. Like him, many former players are upset with what is happening in Australian cricket.

Significantly, Tim Paine resigned from the Australian captaincy just before an old sex chat went public. His resignation just 3 weeks before the Ashes series shocked the cricket world. Now Cricket Australia has to announce the next captain soon. In this, the name of fast bowler Pat Cummins is in the foreground. At the same time, there is the possibility that Steve Smith will be captain again.



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