Ian Chappell expressed concern about the growth of T20 leagues, saying: “Growing like a weed…”

After the start of the IPL, gradually the T20 league began to be liked in the cricket world. Many types of T20 leagues are played now. Most of the countries have started their own leagues on the lines of IPL. Apart from IPL, leagues like Big Bash and Caribbean are very popular all over the world. Due to these leagues, the player’s schedule has become very tight. Many times players are unable to perform well in international cricket because of them. Now former Australian captain Ian Chappell has raised concerns about this.

Ian Chappell wrote in his article for ESPN Cricinfo: “The whole structure of cricket, especially the Future Tour Program (FTP), needs a thorough but positive overhaul taking into account. T20 leagues are growing faster than summer weeds.”

He further wrote: “Amid the growth of T20 leagues, now players must decide which league they want to play in and which one they don’t. Now the T20 leagues play against each other and the star players sign long-term contracts with the clubs. In such an environment, the leagues will not be able to agree on a limited number of star players, so those leagues will suffer financially.

Furthermore, he wrote about Test Cricket: “Test is a difficult game and players are entitled to participate in this format if it is their choice. The countries involved in this need a solid, first-class infrastructure. Many teams do not have the money to build such infrastructure, since the investment made with this expense is not returned. Admins prefer profitable leagues. It is better to have the test status limited mainly to eight nations that have a long culture of this format.

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