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Iago Aspas’ slap on the wrist for Gabri Veiga

One of the most influential voices in Celtismo could not remain silent in the face of the incredible performance of the midfielder, who moved to one of the most unlikely destinations at such a young age.

There is a good chance that midfielder Gabri Veiga will leave the team RC Celta They were very large, but their fate was a surprise, especially to Iago Aspas. Despite all odds, the promising youngsters went to the exotic league in Saudi Arabia, where footballers earn a fortune. But also where the championship is colloquially referred to as the “elephant graveyard”.

Iago Aspas is not only captain and attacking player of RC Celta, but also a more than authorized voice to express his opinion on these issues. The Moañés striker contributed significantly to the boy’s professional training and was one of his best attacking partners. For this reason, it seems very strange to him that he chose this goal, even though deep down he knows that it was for financial reasons.

Jago blades Gabrielle Veiga
Iago Aspas doesn’t judge Gabri Veiga for choosing Saudi Arabia as he left €40m to RC Celta.

Iago Aspas apologizes to Gabri Veiga for his departure to Saudi Arabia

Without having to single out or judge the creative midfielder, the Galician striker wanted to explain why a promising star has chosen a destination where football is at a relatively low level and teams like Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are at his feet . . Apparently he didn’t want to delve into the economic motives either.

“These are situations that happen in the world of football. I know that people expected a different kind of club as a destination, a transfer or a jump into the elite, but the family and the boy believed that it was best to go to Arabia. Iago Aspas said without elaborating. The Celtic captain hopes his former team-mate does very well at Al-Ahli, a squad that also includes Roberto Firmino, Riyad Mahrez and Roger Ibañez.

RC Celta benefited greatly from the sale of Gabri Veiga and that saves Iago Aspas

It wasn’t all bad with the departure of the promising midfielder, as the business made a profit of €40 million. Let us remember that Porriño emerged from the fundamental forces Celticwhich resulted in an economic profit of 100%. The Moañés striker stated that the midfielder’s departure was quite satisfactory for everyone in this regard.

The club has received money that it cannot ignore today given the way the world of football is.”. said Iago Aspas and mentioned that he hopes to see Gabri Veiga again at RC Celta. “We hope that he can return one day as many other local players have left and were able to return as he will always be a reference within the team.”

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