Iago Aspas sets off the alarms at RC Celta

The forward has shown his most assertive side in relation to the moment he lives within the Galician team

For the emblem of the Celta de Vigo, Iago Aspas, the current situation of the team is far from the group objectives agreed for this season. In an appearance before the media, the veteran forward has affirmed that part of that explanation stems from his specific moment, which as you can see is not the best of all.

The team plays well, deserves the points and then there are games like the one played against him Seville and the one that was played against Real Sociedad where you are left with nothing. To these words must be added the pressure, and the proximity to the risk zone that gives access to the SmartBank League. Iago as team captain has shown his face, admitting his mistakes but encouraging people to trust them.

Celtic goals
Iago Aspas is not having his best moment right now

And although the feelings sent by Iago Aspas are positive, Celta’s urgencies lead people to be restrictive

The former Liverpool player is Celta’s best player, there is no doubt about that. In such a way that if he is wrong, the whole team resents him. That has been the sensation in general, considering that he carries the offensive weight, and is in charge of showing the maturity of a team that has finished brilliantly the previous season.

However, in the analysis, the lack of effectiveness is the key to everything. They generate, they triangulate well until the last third of the field, and then at the moment of defining they are null. But it is enough to see the table of positions to issue a detailed concept, and set off the alarms especially for what the last years of the team have been in that regard.

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Full confidence in the work of Eduardo Coudet

Admitting that improvement must be the constant from now on, he launches high praise for his boss. He tells people to be calm, that playing that way they are closer to winning than losing. The scorers are like that, sometimes you hit it bad and it comes in, and then you hit it very well and you don’t score. It is a subject of streaks that at 34 years old he knows very well how it works.

He does not trust the bad moment of FC Barcelona, ​​and admits that they are working to beat them in Balaídos. They still have that outstanding debt with their people, they need to win in their field and restore hope to the fans. In addition, he knows that two positive results will allow them to jump to the middle of the table and thus begin to breathe easy.

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