Iago Aspas publicly challenges Rafa Benítez

It is clear that coach Celtiña is aiming for a more defensive style of play and it is precisely in this scheme that the Celtico captain does not feel comfortable, which is why the player reported this to his coach.

Moana striker Iago Aspas was again important for RC Celta, despite not being in Rafa Benítez’s starting XI. Another detail is that although captain Celtiña showed a very effective offensive game in the complementary part, it was not enough to equalize the game that the local team, Getafe CF, had already won by three goals.

Iago Aspas was sad but at the same time happy to have done his job because since he took the field the Celtic team has scored two goals. However, what caught the attention was the post-match interview in which he admitted that the team should be more attacking and not as defensive as Benítez would like.

EGD Celtic
Iago Celta came onto the pitch in the complementary half when his club was just starting to play better and scored the two goals in stoppage time. (c) Photo: GOL digital.

The key to success is taking risks, and that’s what Iago Aspas Benítez wants to share

Everything indicates that the Galician striker does not agree with the Madrid coach’s tactical system and made this clear by his participation in the last game. Considering he came into the game it was 2-0 and it was obvious that with the captain on the pitch The light blue team appeared more active in the rival field. In fact, the two Celtic goals came this way.

“We started playing more in the opponent’s field, having the ball, taking risks because we were 2-0 down, wanting to have the ball.” “We had a few chances” said Aspas, although he was later critical of the mistakes. “We had a failure, I was about to say about the youth, but now about the cadets. The midfielder opens with his back, a ball through the middle, which you can’t allow in professional football, and with this goal you are punished.

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Benítez continues to use Iago Aspas as a substitute

After the 36-year-old striker’s drop in performance, the coach had no choice but to use him as a center forward at the end of the games. It had this effect against the Azulón team, although unfortunately it was not enough to take at least a point from Alfonso Pérez. Nevertheless, the captain is not upset by this new role.

“I feel very good, I try to help wherever I am told, I had to start as a substitute and nothing happened.” I entered the field and tried to help my teammates. Nobody can blame me because I work like everyone else. “I just want my soul team, Celta de Vigo, to win and it will stay that way until I retire,” explained Jago Aspas.

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