IAEA Report: US, UK and Australia’s act of nuclear proliferation is a dangerous act

IAEA Report: US, UK and Australia's act of nuclear proliferation is a dangerous act

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non-proliferation of nuclear weapons


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IAEA Report: Recently the Council of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) deliberated on nuclear submarine cooperation, especially between the US, UK and Australia. This is the fourth time that the member states of this body have themselves decided to discuss the question in a formal subject manner. In the discussion, the Chinese side presented four problems of US-UK-Australia nuclear submarine cooperation, to which the member countries responded widely. A year ago, the US, Britain and Australia, ignoring the world’s opposition, deliberately decided to cooperate with the Ocus Agreement, which aims to help the US and Britain to build at least eight nuclear submarines. Analysts believe that the three-nation cooperation involves the transfer of nuclear weapons materials, the essence of which is nuclear proliferation and it is also a huge threat to global security. The United States, Britain and Australia are the three founding countries of the Non-Proliferation Treaty on Nuclear Weapons.

China’s objection to the supply of nuclear submarines

All three must perform the duty of nuclear non-proliferation. Nuclear submarine cooperation between the three requires the approval of the IAEA member states. Despite opposition from the international community, all three countries tried their best to develop it further. The seven problems that China has presented this time mainly include the following topics. The three countries try to hide the essence of nuclear proliferation in cooperation and try to convert the illegal transfer of nuclear weapons into legal action. The three countries themselves held talks with the agency’s secretariat, excluding the IAEA member states, and pressured it to submit a proposal to free the monitoring of cooperation between the three countries. But according to the relevant IAEA treaty, the Secretariat and the Director General also have to work according to the member states. Nuclear submarine cooperation between the US, UK and Australia can only be decided by sovereign countries. It is as if the banks themselves are not able to dispose of the black money as there is no enforcement power of the banks. This action of the three countries is actually trying to split the IAEA.

The common duty of all countries to protect nuclear security

Recently, an article was released in the American magazine The National Interest that Washington’s double standard has been seen by the Ocus Agreement. On the one hand the US allows Australia to acquire nuclear submarines, on the other hand the US expresses a strong opposition to the Iranian nuclear plan. After all, who is going to disturb world peace? It is well known. The recent world is in a state of turmoil. The threat of nuclear proliferation is increasing. UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned that only a misunderstanding or a wrong decision is the distance between mankind and the destruction of the world by nuclear weapons.

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