“I wish you luck and strength”, the words of the Colombian president after his son’s arrest

“I wish my son luck and strength”was what Colombian President Gustavo Petro expressed, after the arrest of his son and his ex-wife.

He expressed that as a person and father it hurts so much “self destruction” and that one of his sons goes to jail.

Through a message on his official Twitter account, Petro said that he wants the prosecution to have all the guarantees to proceed in accordance with the law.

He told his son that he hopes these events will forge his character and he can reflect on his own mistakes.

He affirmed that he will not intervene or pressure the decisions of justice and asked that it be the right that “freely guide the process”.

The prosecutor’s office reported the arrest of the son of the Colombian president, Nicolás Petro, “for the crimes of money laundering and illicit enrichment” and his ex-partner for “Money laundering and violation of personal data”.

Nicolás was a deputy for the president’s political movement, the Historical Pact, in the department of Atlántico.

The media published their bank statements, much higher than the salary of the person who holds that position.

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