“I will work a little less with Pogacar and more for myself”

Davide Formolo will once again be a key player at UAE Emirates next season, where in addition to working to achieve the goals of the team, he will seek to have his own opportunities to shine in the big events of the calendar.

In an interview with Cyclingnews, Formolo confessed that in 2022 he wants to focus on the Giro from Italy, where he could not shine in 2021 after losing his options at the Montalcino sterrato … and where he could share stripes with Joao Almeida, signed for next season. “Under normal conditions, I shouldn’t go to the Tour next year, I’ll be concentrating on the Giro. The plan is to just do the Giro and I’ll focus on it. After the crash this year, I was already thinking about the Tour. But next year I want to be 100 percent focused on the Giro. “

Formolo also recognizes that he sees himself winning some classic although he admits that it is difficult for him to win a great lap, where he could get into the Top-10. “For the great classics I feel that I am sufficiently prepared to win them. For the great tours, I need something more. I need more time and the time may never come. Right now, I’m not ready to say that I’m going to win a grand tour, but I can try to be in the Top-10 or Top-7 if all goes well. But there are a lot of unpredictable things that can happen. “

The Italian also wanted to remember the work of the UAE Emirates in the last Tour de France for Pogacar despite criticism from the media. “I will always remember that last lap on the Champs Elysees. Nothing could happen to us at that point and we had that feeling of relief, it was very nice. We have many young riders but we also know our own level. It was sad that the media did not believe in us, but it is part of our job. We were confident because we knew of our strength. We knew Majka could have been Top-5 if she had had her own career, and everyone did their job. “

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Formolo also wanted to highlight the figure of the Slovenian champion on and off the bike. “To be honest, for me it is more stressful when I have to race for others. Pogacar is so strong that he could only lose the Tour because of his mistakes. And if he lost the Tour because of my mistake it would be the biggest disappointment of my career. We know that if you want something, you have the numbers to do it, so it’s okay to take priority. He is a good uncle and a good person. We spend five or six hours on the bike every day and another 18 or 19 off it and you see how Tadej behaves, and that’s where everyone’s respect is earned. “

However, Formolo assures that this year he is preparing the season in a different way and somewhat further from Pogacar than last season. “I want to play my cards more next year, so I want to give it a try. I will work a little less with Tadej and more for myself, we will have a different preparation.”

Formolo was also asked about the change in the way of running in the cycling world and he believes that there is now competition between the ‘roosters’ throughout the season. “I think Contador changed cycling. He was possibly the first rider who wanted to win in all the races in which he competed. Before the grand tours and the classics were races where the champions went one hundred percent and everyone prepared for them. However, after Contador, all the great champions go out to win every race And that increases the stress every year. Riders have to be competitive all year round and there are no second or third tier races. Ten years ago, races like the Challenge de Mallorca were a preparation race at the beginning of the season and now they are no longer. “

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