I was made to wash dishes to wear shorts – Salman Muktadir

I was made to wash dishes to wear shorts - Salman Muktadir

TV actor and content creator Salman Muktadir was reprimanded for wearing shorts. Salman Muktadir himself said so on his social account. Salman Muktadir is associated with a pizza company.

A new branch of this institution was opened in the capital.

Salman went there as usual on Tuesday. He was basically forced to do the dishes wearing shorts.

Salman said customers came to Banashree yesterday and were looking for me. But our marketing manager said I didn’t go and kept my phone off.

But this is a lie. The customers were pushy and because I was wearing shorts I had to work washing dishes.

However, the way Salman Muktadi gave details about his social media hold made the incident seem real at first but finally it can be confirmed that it is also a marketing ploy.

Salman recently got married to Muktadi.

His wife’s name is Disha Islam. Salman’s marriage created a lot of discussions, because Disha’s previous story came to the fore after the marriage.

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