In the world of cricket, all players are under pressure to do well. During this, players also suffer a lot of mental breakdowns. Many players like Glenn Maxwell, Nick Madison and Ben Stokes have also taken a break from cricket because of this. In this episode, now Ben Stokes has made a big reveal about his mental breakdown. During this, he has told how his mental health was continually deteriorating due to the things that were happening around him.

Speaking about his mental health in the documentary they made of him, he said that I never thought something like this would happen to me too. My anxiety continually increased. Which is why I was also having panic attacks in the hotel bathroom.

Speaking about his panic attack, Stuart Broad said that seeing his condition we feared we would never see Ben Stokes playing for England.

Ben Stokes has taken a break from cricket due to mental health issues. After which, the England and Wales Cricket Board also came to his support. During this, the then General Manager of England, Ashley Giles, also supported him and said that he supports Ben Stokes. He has put the point of him in front of people bravely.

However, Ben Stokes has once again returned to the world of cricket. He where he has played the Ashes series in Australia and the Test series in the West Indies. Apart from this, after leaving the captaincy of Joe Root, he was also named captain of the team. He will be seen taking charge of the team in the Test series against New Zealand.


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