I want to kill happy-looking women, confessed the defendant.

According to the report of the foreign news agency, in recent days, in the Tokyo subway station, a madman had attacked with a sharp instrument and injured several people.

Police say the 36-year-old suspect in the train attack has been arrested. According to the police, the suspect revealed during interrogation that he “wanted to kill the beautiful women.”

In a statement to the police, the defendant said he did so because he could not see women happy and wanted to kill happy-looking women.

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The defendant told police that six years ago he began to feel that he did not like happy women and wanted to kill them.

During the interrogation, the defendant said that the woman sitting next to him on the train repeatedly laughed, which is why he became angry with the woman and decided to kill her immediately. He chose the train for the incident because here it was. he could have killed as many people as possible.

It should be remembered that two years ago, there was a knife attack in Tokyo in which schoolgirls standing at a bus stop were attacked, as a result of which two students were killed and seventeen were injured.

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