“I want to continue melting my battery”

Albert Llovera (Andorra, 56 years old) likes to complicate his life, but everything has an explanation: “I have fun like this, doing what I do.” The Andorran driver is aware that he will have plenty of time to spend at home and while he can, he will continue embarking on a path of projects where the route, on this occasion, has united him with Ford. For the first time in his career, Llovera has found a project where, in addition to sharing his values, we also “speak the same language.” The understanding has been such that they have even had the opportunity to develop a project for the Dakar in record time and despite the fact that the lack of kilometers prevents him from setting an objective and estimating a final result, he does know what he wants for Sainz: “I I would really like him to win, hopefully.”

-Fifth participation by truck, for the three he did by car. It seems to be establishing itself in this category.

I have done three Dakars by car and this will be the fifth by truck. Here I am highly valued among the truck teams, they really like what I do. The best riders and the best teams come to see me during the Dakar to ask how I am doing and then I feel more comfortable in this position. In the car you have is ‘so much money, you will have this device’. That is the difference, so, since I am very value-minded, I like this project because it has a lot of personal and social value. I think I’m both drawn to one thing and the other.

-What does it give Albert Llovera to continue receiving that confidence to continue on the Dakar?

-It gives me to continue being alive in the world of sports and to continue knowing that I still have a battery. I want to continue melting the battery, because I still have. I always think that I will have time to be at home on the sofa and do other things. In fact, I have a life that I love, I have an orthopedics where I design driving controls, the best seats for going down the street… All this also motivates me a lot because I know that people can move around and all this motivates me a lot. Those people who used to have to ask for a taxi or the people from home had to accompany them, because today they can do it by themselves and for me it is a source of pride.

-How much battery does it have left?

-I have a battery as long as there is a brand that is behind it, that has the sponsors behind it. If not, I have also been competing for many years, I have four championships and I have won five runners-up, so no one has given me anything to get here, but I believe that there are also other things in life that can make me have fun and live perfectly.

-What do you feel when you see all your sporting evolution?

-I am very excited, I am very lucky that behind everything I have some workers who help me achieve all my goals and we are very good friends. I always say that there are three important points in life when things happen to you, you don’t have to have an accident, even on a day-to-day basis. That’s why I always say that a great team is, above all, that you see that something has happened to you and you want to get out of that problem. The second is having a good family like I do, we don’t even call each other every day, but they are, we get along well and I’m lucky to have great parents and four brutal brothers. And the third point is my friends. They are like my illegal family, my brothers make communion for one of their children and invite them directly. I have been very lucky to have those values ​​and it is something that cannot be achieved with money. I value this much more than getting the rest of the things.

-Among all these values, what does Ford bring you?

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-I signed Ford because I liked the project. I have found someone for real, I tell you for real, that had never happened to me. We have the same values, we speak the same language and it had never happened to me before. For a brand to think of its workers, think of its drivers, we had to work together. I called them and told them ‘hey, we don’t have time to go to Morocco and I don’t have time to train’, because we had said to record some images there and we didn’t have time, I told them ‘it tastes really bad’ and the The answer was: “We don’t care, we love you and we love you throughout the year.” We are also working on a social part and I am part of that social part. With that they told me everything.

-Does Albert Llovera like to complicate his life or has this project made everything very easy?

-No, no, I like to complicate my life. I have fun like this, doing what I do. I am away from home for 200 days, between meetings, work for companies, conferences… So, you have to really like what you do because otherwise, in the end, neither your family can stand it nor do you have fun. But as long as I can do it, I’m going to continue to do it.

-The whole topic of meetings you are talking about, does it take time away from physical preparation?

-No, because I train physically all year thinking about the Dakar, not about the ice races or some rally that I do. I always think about doing the Dakar and physically, the rest of the things I do are also focused thinking about going to the Dakar. There are weekends when I rest, but I train double sessions because I have to travel.

-You say that all this has to amuse you, but do you set any goals or do you see that as you go?

-In this case I have to mark the objective on the track. Since everything is so new, in the end we have only done 60 kilometers and we don’t know if the screw on duty that costs you 25 cents will hold up or if a €7,000 suspension will break. In principle, everything is going well, during what we tested, nothing came loose on the truck or the controls, which we finished two days before (the tests). We were working for a week between Italy and the Czech Republic, training in hotels, with tires… I make training forecasts when I’m at home thinking about the days I’m not there and then, I’m also very lucky to have Carolina García which is what nutrition does to me. I go with the whole pack, because otherwise I would be like a cowbell, I don’t have abs or anything and I would be out of control, which is what happens to me many times. I always go in a line to get things.

-We always see him with Kimoa, Fernando Alonso’s brand. What is your relationship?

-Fernando really likes what I do and supports me from this brand that he has. But I also get along very well, for example, with Sainz or Marc Gené. I have a very good vibe with them and also with others, what happens is that I already knew Carlos, for example, from when we were in the World Rally Championship, I was lucky to be able to have dinner together, to be very close… It’s not the same having Carlos outside, than having him in a place with 300 people.

– Do you see him winning with this Audi?

I would like you to do it a lot. I have always had him as an idol, just like Fernando or Marc. But with Carlos, apart from sharing many things and especially sharing the first Dakar that he did. His co-driver was also my co-driver, his engineer was my engineer… so we also shared other things and that’s why you’re more excited that he does well. I would really like him to win it, hopefully.

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