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“I think that in 2022 the Movistar project will take off”

“I think that in 2022 the Movistar project will take off”

Patxi Vila, Movistar team performance manager, took stock of the 2021 season in a video posted by the team on their YouTube channel in which, in turn, he also expressed Movistar’s expectations for the next season with Enric Mas and Alejandro Valverde as protagonists.

Vila believes that recent years at Movistar have been a time of change and hopes that in 2022 the team will take another step forward after managing to fit the pieces together. “After two years of changing things, we have reached a stable and good performance structure, where I think we are with a good balance both directors, trainers, nutritionist, biomechanical … We have the structure well assembled and now we have to orchestrate it. In my mind, the dress rehearsal for 2022 was La Vuelta de 2021. I think we have reached a good point of working together. In La Vuelta put Enric on the podium, the stage victory with Miguel Ángel López, which was one of the objectives we had set for ourselves and we achieved, and the way I saw the team work makes me keep thinking that in 2022 this is really going to take off. “

The Basque director also spoke about Enric Mas and the changes he has had in the way he works. A transformation that did not bear fruit at first but was later rewarded at La Vuelta. “Enric Mas has worked very hard, he has always been super professional, but what was demanded of him or what was seen from the performance group and what many people also saw is that he had lost that ‘spark’. We made the bet to recover that because we believed it was necessary to put him in front again. He was asked for a very abrupt change in his preparation that he accepted and believed in. At first he had no results in the first part of the season, but he continued to believe in it and we saw the result in La Vuelta. There in La Vuelta we saw an Enric more alive, more reactive and more aggressive “.

Vila also analyzed the figure of Alexander valverde and his passion for cycling and believes that the Murcian will continue to stand out in his last season in the ranks of Movistar. “The bullet is the bullet. Alejandro has shown us a thousand times and the last one was after falling in La Vuelta and breaking his collarbone. That love for what he does, for our sport, which he loves, and it has also returned winning. I don’t think it will have a very big decline, on the contrary. He has found a dot and a couple of things that have given him security. We already saw him in Lombardy, in La Vuelta or in Dauphiné, where he beat the best. I think he will follow a line very similar to that of 2021 with the plus that he has understood a couple of very important things in today’s cycling And, added to its quality, it will make us have it there. “

The performance manager also spoke about Ivan Garcia Cortina, who you think should be given some time. “Iván García Cortina comes to a new team, to which he has to adapt, with new material and a way of working different from where he came from and withI think you have to give him a little time. We saw the best Ivan in Switzerland, with an exceptional performance and on the Tour he had no luck because he got sick and was on antibiotics and from the Tour it has cost him “

Vila also analyzed two of Movistar’s young pearls: Johan Jacobs and Matteo Jorgenson. “Johan Jacobs is a runner who has grown very well. It has characteristics that in today’s cycling are very difficult to find and that they are highly valued. Technically he is very good, he rides the bike very well, he knows how to position himself very well and he can be a very good gregarious and that is why we included him in the La Vuelta team. And for Matteo Jorgenson, the eighth place in Paris-Nice may have thrown him off a bit. In the long run it wasn’t too good for him. He is one of the most promising young people we have in the team and has enormous potential “

Vila also highlighted the great season of the women’s Movistar thanks in part to the appearance of Annemiek Van Vleuten. “In the shadow of Annemiek Van Vleuten, who has put the team on his back, he has made the whole team go up, both the level of the cyclists who have won and those who have worked to win. When you have a solid leader, a beacon that gives you security, everyone grows and performs better. They also have a very good group of people, also with Pablo Lastras, Jorge Sanz and Sebastián Unzué, who make a lot of pineapple and are very close. “

Finally, Vila analyzed the arrival of new signings such as Gorka Izagirre or Álex Aranburu, who will also play a leading role in the team. “Gorka Izagirre, with his experience; Álex Aranburu with what he has taught us in the Classics, the Basque Country or at the beginning of La Vuelta … The idea is to reinforce that second line, that can better hold the team and even that they can come to the fore, take the lead and the stripes of the team to achieve those results. We have to make these separate ‘pearls’ have a ‘cord’ and we have a nice necklace. “

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