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“I think it’s possible that Murray will go back to the Top-10.”

Mats Wilander has wanted to speak at Eurosport on the return to competition of Andy Murray, who continues in his attempt to return to the elite after the nightmare he has experienced in recent years due to his hip injuries.

Wilander is confident that Murray can return to the Top-10, although he tells him that he is not pressuring himself with goals like getting back to number one or winning a Grand Slam. “I think it’s a possible goal for Murray to get back into the Top-10. I think that, over the past two years, some of the criticism has put a lot of pressure on him. I think he wants to test himself, not by reaching the number again. one of the world or to win Grand Slam. It is about the fight every day and the daily reward when you train to be better every day. I think that he has already found the motivation and will go further. “

Wilander also highlighted Murray’s ability to know his limits and, in turn, to make his rivals worse. “Andy Murray has the ability to make his opponent a little worse. First of all, he is an example of humility. He is an example of someone who knows he has certain limitations as a player. And I think those players who know their limits are the ones. best players in the world. Murray knows there are players with more power. I don’t think they are stronger in the gym, but they are faster on the court, more explosive and he knows he needs to make them worse in order to beat them. Murray’s intelligence is, possibly , the best of all time in tennis. If she is playing well enough and the opponent is not serving well, then she can beat anyone. “

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