I stand firm in my decision to withdraw American troops, President Biden

Addressing the American people about the situation in war-torn Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden said: “As president, I had only two options: comply with the peace agreement or fight in Afghanistan again.”

“We have spent billions of dollars on the Afghan army, we have provided all kinds of weapons, we have even paid the salaries of the Afghan forces,” Biden said.

The president of the United States said that he gave everything to the Afghan forces but could not give the courage, the quick end of the Afghan government is a surprise.

“The decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan was the correct one, but with the withdrawal, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was recommended to negotiate with the Taliban, but Ashraf Ghani rejected our proposal and said that the Afghan forces would fight,” he said.

Biden said that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had wrongly said that Afghan forces would fight.

At the end of his speech, President Biden said: “I did not expect the rapid occupation of Afghanistan, but I cannot launch my army into the civil war of others. I stand firm in my decision to withdraw American troops.”

Responding to criticism of former President Donald Trump, he said the deal with the Afghan Taliban was made by former President Trump.

“We did not want to repeat the mistakes of others. We could not throw more Americans into the Afghan war. If we try to stop the withdrawal, we will retaliate,” he said.

Addressing the nation, the US president said that China and Russia have done nothing for Afghanistan, China and Russia would like the US to spend more dollars in Afghanistan, US forces cannot wage a war in which Afghan forces they cannot fight for themselves.

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