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I run the family. Where did the journalists get this information?

I run the family.  Where did the journalists get this information?

Shabnam Faria is a well-known name in the theater world of the country. The web series Mobaraknama starring Faria was released a few days ago. An interview with Faria about the series and current engagements was published in Kal Kante. Responding to a question about reducing dramas there, Faria said: “I’m not attracted to the kind of dramas that are happening now.”

The names look strange! I want to wait for something better. I won’t lose for that, but don’t! I spend the money I save. That’s what you can say in the end. However, I won’t do that if my heart doesn’t agree with it.

The actress is upset that some media outlets have published news of her words under different headlines. Faria published a post on social media Facebook expressing his displeasure with the news published about him.

Faria wrote: “I am extremely dismayed that news about my very personal matter was recently published in several online news portals and my statement was deliberately misinterpreted.” In general, I do not want to have any interaction with journalists, with the exception of a few quality journalists, since presenting their own fabricated interpretations and distortions of information from my interviews or conversations with eye-catching headlines, primarily in order to gain market share.

When the actress returned to work after a break, she wrote, “Recently, after a long break, a web series starring me in the lead role was released on the OTT platform Hochiei. I gave very few interviews to promote this new work. I didn’t even attend several events planned by Hochiei and think that whatever I say they will make headlines whatever they want, which is embarrassing for me and my family! Although this forced decision was somewhat unprofessional on my part, I am grateful to Hochii for respecting my decision.

Quoting some parts of the interview, Faria wrote: “Last Saturday a journalist called me and I said I was not interested in talking about anything other than ‘Mubaraknama’ at the moment.” In one context of the speech, he said why I not working on the drama? In response, I said, “I don’t want to work in dramas with the names that come to my mind.” “The kind of work I want to do, the kind of script is not coming, the thing is that I don’t want to work.”

Faria wrote: “It is worth mentioning here that I am currently completing my master’s degree, which is nearing the end. For the last two years I have taken a break from work to do my master’s degree properly.”

In between studying, I did two web films, a web series, two or three OVCs and commercials. Initially, I worked in a serial called Ma Baba Bhai Bone, but I couldn’t manage to shoot or study together and ended up falling ill. After completing this work, I came to the conclusion that I can’t take that much pressure on everything! “Since I have started my formal studies again, I will go back to work once I have completed my studies properly.”

He also wrote: “Now that I don’t take photos every day, my income is no longer the same as before, of course I have to spend a lot of time from my savings, this is a normal thing!” People need to save money. How can this be news? I run the family. Where did the journalists get this information?

To protest against this kind of message, the actress wrote: “I am single, I have no family, I am my mother and my family.” My mother lives in her own house, my father is a doctor and a top high-ranking government official. By the grace of Allah, my family’s financial situation is such that even if I never earn money again, I will never face financial problems. That is not the point. “The trend of publishing news with embarrassing headlines just for a click has started, and I protest against that.”

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