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I love them: Lottery winner takes no prize and loses $36 million

Mega Millions lottery tickets

A lucky Mega Millions jackpot winner was left without his prize $36 million after the claim period expires. The winning ticket, purchased at Publix in Jacksonville, Florida, was voided last Sunday, the Florida Lottery told Fox Business.

The prize winner had 180 days to claim the $36 million but failed to do so, resulting in the prize forfeiting. The winning ticket with numbers 18, 39, 42, 57, 63 for the white balls and 7 for the Mega Ball, was announced on August 15th.

Mega Millions and the Florida Lottery encourage Florida residents who purchased tickets at Publix to check their tickets before the jackpot claim deadline.

The Florida Lottery said that under state law, 80 percent of unclaimed prize money from expired tickets goes to the Educational Improvement Trust Fund the remaining 20 percent goes back into the prize fund for future prizes or special promotions.

The loss of this multi-million dollar prize highlights the importance of checking lottery tickets in time to claim a prize you have won. Florida residents who have played the lottery at Publix should keep an eye on application deadlines so as not to miss the opportunity to win big prizes.

If a POWERBALL or MEGA MILLIONS jackpot ticket is not claimed within this time period 180 days after the date of the relevant drawing, The funds used to pay the unclaimed jackpot prize will be refunded to lottery members in their share of sales from the jackpot accumulation series,” the lottery added.

The people who heard the news reacted with surprise and disbelief. The majority said that they would never allow themselves to lose $360 million because in the United States that amount allows everyone to retire.


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