I live X100 Pro +: it will be the only smartphone with this attribute

In November this year, Vivo will officially introduce the X100 series of photography-oriented smartphones.

At that point, the focus will be on the X100 Pro+ model and its unique attribute: a 200-megapixel periscope sensor with up to 10x zoom.

The super periscope sensor of the Vivo X100 Pro+

I live X90 Poster
Vivo X90 Pro+ remains exclusive to the Chinese marketCredit@Twitter

It seems that the last months of 2023 will bring very attractive news for users. Following news about Xiaomi’s launches for that time of year, information appears that Vivo will also make a relevant and innovative launch.

It will be in November when this Chinese brand officially presents the new series of smartphones for X100 photography. This generation will consist of three new terminals: base model, X100 Pro and X100 Pro+.

But it looks like the Vivo X100 Pro+ will focus all the attention on itself. All because this model will hit the market equipped with a super periscope sensor with 200 megapixel resolution and up to 10x optical zoom.

The information is disclosed by the Digital Chat Station leaker who also advances that this periscope sensor has been thoroughly customized and that it can outperform sensors with a high reputation in the market, such as the Sony IMX890 and the Sony IMX866.

Other rumors are also advancing that, for now, this sensor has the provisional name of Samsung HPV, since it is the result of a collaboration between Vivo and the South Korean giant that also manufactures sensors for smartphones.

This sensor is also expected to be 1/1.4-inch in size and based on Samsung’s HP3 sensor. For its part, the native characteristics of the optical zoom give it a capacity of up to 5x that will be expanded up to 10x, through advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

In addition, some rumors claim that the Vivo X100 Pro + could have the Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, still to be announced, at the controls.

It should also be noted that the predecessor Vivo X90 Pro+ is still exclusive to the Chinese market and it is not yet clear if Vivo will launch the X100 Pro+ with its 200-megapixel periscope sensor globally.

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