‘I learned one thing that day that…’, the Pakistani bowler was shocked by coach Dravid’s move

'I learned one thing that day that...', the Pakistani bowler was shocked by coach Dravid's move

Rahul Dravid, Shahnawaz Dahani - India TV Hindi

Rahul Dravid and Shahnawaz Dahani

The story of Shahnawaz and Dravid: Indian cricket team head coach Rahul Dravid celebrated his 50th birthday on Wednesday (January 11). On this occasion, her fans from all over the world sent her congratulatory messages. Dravid, who came to Kolkata with Team India, also celebrated his birthday with utmost simplicity by cutting the cake. On the other hand, a young fast bowler from Pakistan Shahnawaz Dahani also congratulated Dravid and also shared a cute anecdote related to him.

Dahani became a follower of Dravid

The 24-year-old fastball star Dahani took to his official Twitter account to share a photo of himself with Dravid. While sharing the photo, he congratulated the Indian legend and also told the whole story behind the photo. Dahani wrote: “Happy birthday to the humblest man Sir #RahulDravid. This is the story behind this image.”

Lessons learned from Dravid

He further wrote: “I was having dinner with some friends in Brisbane, Australia during the World Cup. Sir Rahul Dravid also walked into the restaurant and saw me. He then walked over to me before finding a seat for himself and meeting everyone.” . from us with much respect and love, we all take pictures with them. Just imagine the coach of the rival team and cricket wall Sir Rahul Dravid coming up to you and greeting you and your friends. That day I learned a lesson “Humility is the key to success”.

Dahani was a part of the T20 World Cup 2022

Tell them that Dahani was a substitute player for Pakistan in the T20 World Cup that was played in Australia last year. Though he so far he has played 11 T20s and 2 ODIs for Pakistan. He played his last cap in October 2022 against New Zealand in Christchurch.


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