“I knew the managerial position would come, but not so fast”

Until yesterday, the pitching coach of the Eagles, considers his appointment as general manager of the Stars as a mission that he is already preparing to fulfill, hoping to do well in all aspects.

“For me, this represents another challenge that I must assume in my baseball career, it was something I was not looking for, but it came and we assumed this position with the professionalism that we have done in the recent past in which I have been the coach of winning pitching for teams like the Estrellas and the Aguilas,” García said after speaking with Listín Diario from Arizona, where he is located.

Although not very common in the Winter League, a pitching instructor assuming a managerial position, García understands that during his position he learned a lot with friends like José Mallén Calac, Estrellas and Angel Ovalles, Águilas.

Since his appointment, he has already begun working with members of the Pachyderms Operations team, since in a few days he will start in the nascent free agency system in Dominican baseball.

García is already beginning to devise his plans for what would be the Stars squad for the 2023-24 tournament. “A very athletic team is what I want to give to the manager Fernando Tatis,” he said.

a great return

García will thus return to the team of which he was a pitching instructor for two seasons, including the one in which he won the championship most recently (2018-2019), having Fernando Tatis, the current manager of the Stars, as manager.

The Tatis-García combination, as manager and pitching coach of the Stars, lasted for two seasons. A season before that, 2017-2018, Tatis was bench coach and García bullpen coach.

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García’s relationship with the Stars began precisely in that 2017-2018 campaign.

In the following season (2018-2019) he became a pitching coach and helped the team win the national championship, in which pitching was his quintessential strong point and Tatis his manager.

The following season (2019-2020), García became the pitching coach of the Águilas Cibaeñas, until the 2022-2023 contest (three seasons).

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