“I just hope he doesn’t get very dangerous missions”

The Ukrainian player of Sporting La Rioja handball, Masha Boklashchuck, acknowledged this Thursday to Efe that she feels devastated by Russia’s attack on her countrysince, although “there is a conflict since 2014”, he did not believe that a war would break out throughout the country.

The veteran Sporting player has played for Spanish teams since 2005, although before arriving in Logroño, in 2015, she also participated in the Russian and Austrian leagues. Right now she is away from the tracks due to an injury and has continued “with great concern” the events of the last few months, culminating in Russia’s attacks on different parts of Ukraine.

She is a native of the Ivano Frankivsk region, which borders Poland and, at the moment, “it’s on the other side of the country from where bombs are falling”, but “my mother and my family are very scared”. The Logroño team player has reported, however, that she lived in Kiev when she was young and now she does her 18 year old sonwho has been at the Police Academy in the Ukrainian capital since last summer.

“He is the one I am most worried about, although I have spoken with him and he is calmer than me,” she assured. “I was with him in October, at a flag ceremony. I did not think we would reach this situation and now I just hope that he does not have very dangerous missions because she is in her first year at the academy,” the Ukrainian player stresses.

“My son has explained to me that, for the moment, he is staying there, that they have been told to stay inside the academy and that is what he is going to do, although I would be calmer if you could bring it here” because “you don’t know what can happen”. He has acknowledged that, since 2014, “everyone in Ukraine lives aware that there is a conflict in one part of the country”, but “you never think that there will be a war in the whole country”

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