In Ukraine, Mariupol is now completely in Russian hands. Indeed, the Azovstal factory, in which civilians and soldiers took refuge for many days, was “fully liberated” announced the Kremlin, Friday, May 20. After the evacuation of the civilians, the more than 500 Ukrainian soldiers and militiamen who remained hidden in the undergrounds of the industrial complex surrendered. In total, according to Moscow, nearly 2,500 soldiers were captured. Ukrainians are sad and worried about the fate of these soldiers.

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In the rainy streets of kyiv, the faces darken and the words become heavy as soon as one evokes the situation of the prisoners of Azovstal. “I know the nature of Russians. They are very cruel and rude. Too many people suffer because of them”, says Olexandre, in his sixties. He says he expects nothing from them. “I am worried, really very worried about the prisoners who are there.” The concern is particularly related to the fact that the prisoners are in the autonomous regions, which makes it difficult to know how they will be treated.

Like him, all the inhabitants therefore wonder. “I hope they will be treated with respect and within the standards of international conventions”, testifies Natalia. She hopes that the international community will not let the heroes of Mariupol down and that it “continue to pay the utmost attention to their fate in order to protect them”. The Ukrainians place their hopes in particular in The Red Cross, crossing their fingers so that it can approach them. Another hope: that the prisoners be quickly exchanged for Russian prisoners.


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