“I hope that in two years Unicaja will bother the greats”

The president of Unicaja gave an interview in Ser Deportivos de Málaga. For your interest we reproduce some of its passages. How do you conduct the negotiations? “No agents have come. I feel at the end. It sounds a bit scary, but that’s good. It will be because of my age, they see me older. There are times that in the contracts there are some variants that I consider absurd. Airline tickets, houses … You charge so much and that’s it. You can’t close a contract and then more and more and more. Now it is OK”.

Times of change. “We have to be calm, there are no short, medium or long problems. The intention is to support the basketball team, if war drums have been heard they were with a distorted version. We have a number of sponsorships that we are going to improve at the end of the season. Some have returned, others have maintained and we try, and it is a personal ambition, to try to return to our sponsors. They have to be convinced that it is a Malaga project for Malaga. We offer a stable team, a team that from Madrid on down has won the ACB, the Cup and the European title. We are the benchmark in the south. We are being widely called in national media. Broncano in La Resistencia was Jaime Fernández, the Unicaja shirt was in a half-hour long prime-time program ”.

Expulsion of Jaime Fernández against Barcelona and his conversation with the referees. ”It doesn’t seem bad to me, but sometimes powerful conversations can come out. The disciplinary behavior was very rigid on the part of the referees, but it was rigid. There were two light techniques, especially that of the protest. The other they call a flopping, but the protest of the hand seems weak to me. We are not going to question those decisions. Our team also generates good vibes with people, the Unicaja brand is a beloved team throughout Spain, I am noticing it on trips. Right now we are not at that point, we’ll see. We are starting the season, we have many goals ahead of us and we will reach the necessary confluences so that everything continues to grow ”.

objectives. “Results are results and in professional sports they rule, but what I want the club to be, we are going that way. We are starting, if they give us time in two years I hope that Unicaja really annoys the greats. We think we did what we had to do. Cabezas is an emblem of this house, nobody has questioned that the shirt looks at the Carpena. It does not admit debate. We have only shaped what people wanted. We are going to try that the people who have felt basketball in Malaga have their recognition ”.

His salary of 90,000 euros plus 30,000 in variables. “It is so. They were all in favor. It is a sensitive subject, but I am not here for the money. The 30,000 variables represent an effort to increase the club’s income. It is what there is, but there is an important issue and that is that all the presidents belonged to the bank. Everyone had requested that I change the structure and today it has changed. I have executive responsibility beyond representative. It can be controversial when it is sold on purpose, but it is not far from the market. I consider it fair. We do not do the same media review on all teams in the environment. All the presidents have cashed. The structure of the club has changed, it has a CEO who does not belong to the bank. That is why my salary cannot be paid by the bank. I am the Delegate Council of the Unicaja Baloncesto entity. I will continue as a patron of the Unicaja Foundation, it is not incompatible. I have nothing to comment on, it is a subject that people can draw their conclusions. I come with a contract that was gradually superior. It compensated in everything, not economically. It was an illusion and a project in my city, I am excited to be able to pilot a ship like this. I lead my way, I absolutely respect what they think otherwise and that I am here for a political issue, my politics is me. Some will keep trying. Here we are, they will not upset me ”.

Quarry. “This afternoon I will meet with the grassroots clubs to offer that Unicaja is the great friend of all the teams in our province, we aspire to be the great basketball team. A basketball brand can do it. The boys from the quarry have to enjoy the moment, very few arrive at the top. Those many have to feel proud of Unicaja and Malaga. It is not good to remove them from their environment, it is not good to beat them in an exaggerated way. We have to try to guide these teams and that the players remain in their environments with their friends and if there is a way to go they will come with Unicaja. I am going to try that Unicaja is not the rival of the base teams in Malaga. First you have to learn, I am seeing things, I leave the space to those who know. We cannot arrive by breaking things, we must see them and make decisions without haste. The Unicaja quarry has worked well, everything can be improved but the results are there. Unicaja has the two shirts on top of Carpena, it has Alberto, Pablo and Rafa, ao Yannick. We have people from the house, many Spaniards ”.

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Unicaja female. “It has not come down. We have champion cadet girls from Spain. I cannot pretend to be a third-rate team and start signing players from around there without roots. I want to grow with people from here, train people from here. Get to where you have to go with people from here. The philosophy is to be the best male and female team in Andalusia by conviction “

First team situation. “I am busy, not worried. If I do a pure amateur analysis, Kramer’s basket (in the last second that gave the victory to Gran Canaria at Carpena) does not add up to me. It is the one that has us on the edge. At Carpena we lost that and Barcelona, ​​which is within the normal range. We went to Murcia and Manresa and it is normal that one of us lost. In Manresa it was not good. He plays a bit of arreones, he has grit and quality. We are there. In professional sport, success to failure is a match. Kramer’s basket cannot vary my idea. We are fine, we are fighting and we are going to give him a path ”

How was your arrival? “The Banking Foundation has a president and he proposed that I become a director and then become the CEO of the organization. Like all things, I had to think about it for a while and when I saw that I was going to make that decision, I told him. Also to LaLiga, I have pending on November 17 to say goodbye to them, it has been 16 years ”.

New scenario. “There has been a vote on a budget and in my case of ratification, they had budgeted for it last year. In 19-20, no one from the Board of Trustees had spoken. He did not contribute because he had his accounts frozen. When I came to the Board of Trustees, it was a year less rich and it made the situation repeat itself. Suddenly there is noise. Here we are, the club has not disappeared and has life, there is a project and nothing has happened ”.

Until when as president? “Everything in life has an expiration date. My goal is not to have it in the short term because it would be bad. I am not coming to close a club, I am coming to open it. I want to touch hair, a title. I come to leave it a little better than I took it. I come to endure the pressure, I am prepared. There are people who want to maintain pressure around the club. We are going to continue working with my team, I am happy and we are going to mark a line to take it as high as possible “

Hobby. “We are in a complicated situation, people have changed habits and got used to television, we are facilitating the way to get there. In the second round, if the pandemic stabilizes, we can consider the cards. We want people to get hooked, if the team is working in sports, they will lose their suspicions about coming to Carpena ”.

Contracts? “I already knew the contracts. Now my players are the best in Spain. I am not going to evaluate contractual situations. Traveling through Spain I notice contractual differences. We are closer to Manresa and Fuenlabrada than to Real Madrid and Barcelona. We are at 10 (millions of budget), Madrid has 35 and the others 4. There are people who have worked well with teams of 3/4 million. There are people who have used money in different ways. When they sign for Unicaja they demand ‘Y’ and in some with a lower budget ‘X’. There we have to look for the strategy. We are a great club, with a great structure, a great quarry, a great city. We cannot pay above the rest and what the national basketball currently generates. For the salaries that he has, the numbers do not add up to me ”.

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