“I have won ten titles in four years; I sign it and the club too”

“I have won ten titles in four years. I would sign it. Not only me, but also the club, I think”. Carlo Ancelotti has puffed out his chest in the preview of tomorrow’s Sevilla-Real Madrid. An appearance marked by calm after Hurricane Vinicius after the unfortunate racist episode that took place in Valencia. The Brazilian will not be at Pizjuán, but for sporting reasons: “He doesn’t travel because he can’t play. He had the chance to travel, but his knee continues to bother him”. Given so many casualties (Benzema, Vini, Asensio and Mariano) in attack, the appearance of Hazard seems logical. However, on the multiple occasions that he has had Carletto to confirm his participation, he has left it in the air…

How does the team arrive?

We want to end the season well. It is a difficult match. The rival is doing very well. We have the casualties of Karim, Vinicius and Asensio. We will try to do our best. Emotionally we are fine.

Do you understand that in Spain there is still no goal technology and there are these problems, like what happened in Espanyol-Atlético, with the VAR?

Technology is important. With VAR many things have improved. Increasing technology would be good. Other leagues already have it. We need to improve the use of technology. It is obvious.

Is it better that Vinicius doesn’t travel tomorrow?

He doesn’t travel because he can’t play. He had the chance to travel, but his knee continues to bother him. He can’t play period. Hopefully I can play the last game.

There will be no goal technology next season, would it be nice to have?

It would be nice to have it. If it is a money problem it will be solved soon. Sure.

The other day he talked about Rodrygo’s progress and that he had room for improvement. What aspects should he work on?

It lacks continuity. Do things right. Just continuity. Take more leadership within the squad.

Is tomorrow a good game to see Hazard?

I will take out a team to try to win. It will be a very competitive lineup. We have very good players. It will be a competitive match, with good quality.

What lines would you like to strengthen for next year?

What we have to do we will do. Do not worry.

What has the team lacked this season in the League?

I could do a very quick analysis of what has happened in the League. In all competitions we compete until the end, but after the match against Barça we have lost points. The disadvantage with them has been that they have had a very good season and have had a lot of continuity. After the World Cup, it took us a bit to get back to our level. Note that it has not been a problem from the front. We have scored many goals. We lacked a little more solidity behind. If we talk about statistics, you have to sign a defender. Not a goalkeeper because we have the best in the world. Sometimes the statistics are a little misleading. It doesn’t always explain what happened.

What good are these matches for next season?

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We don’t plan on doing anything for next season. You have to respect the shirt we have and the values ​​of the club. And for the players to show seriousness and professionalism. First, the shirt. And the professionalism. They are very big motivations.

Do you understand that Nacho is considering his future?

I understand. Her future is in her hand. She can keep everyone’s love. We already know what Nacho can contribute. Because of what he has contributed and what he can contribute. The club has spoken with him to renew and is thinking about what is the best resolution for him. In a week the season ends and everything will become clear.

What does Hazard ask?

What you need I have discussed with Hazard, not here.

How do you feel about the performance in the League?

It depends on what type of evaluation. If I do the evaluation of this League, I feel bad. If I talk about the season, it has been good. If I talk about the two seasons, they have been spectacular. If it’s four years old, I would sign another four years with two Champions Leagues, two semifinals… I’ve won ten titles in four years. I would sign it. Not only me, but also the club, I think.

Are you worried about the position of left back?

We have had a significant injury to Mendy that has created problems for us. We must first trust him. He is very strong and he has done very well in the past. He has cost him more this year. Now a young man arrives who has done very well. The defense is fine.

How have you lived the last months of Tchouameni? Now it seems that he is the third option as a pivot after Kroos and Camavinga…

The truth is that Tchouameni surprised everyone in the first part of the season. He is very young and comes to Real Madrid. For a young man it is not easy. He has taken the place of a legend like Casemiro. He did well in the first half and after the World Cup his level has dropped a bit. He is not the third option as a pivot. But of the last nine league games he has played eight as a starter. He has to adapt. He’s level dropped a bit in the second half, but it’s normal for a youngster at Real Madrid.

Would you like to sign a center forward? Do you like Joselu?

We’re on that. We will work to improve the squad. Talking about names doesn’t seem right to me. I like Joselu, like other forwards. I like Aspas, Morata… To speak of the Spanish. Usually you like the striker who scores goals.

Will Hazard play tomorrow? Would it be easier for you if you didn’t continue the following year?

I find it surprising that you don’t have the patience to wait for tomorrow. I have never given the lineup the day before the game. Hazard has a contract and this implies that he stays. If he is not happy he has to ask the club to leave and if he is happy he stays, like everyone else.

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