“I have not stopped screaming inside the helmet when crossing the finish line”

Surprising the calm with which Izan Guevara He has attended the Phillip Island circuit to the media present. At 18 years old and before his first title, Moto3, he has behaved with the certainty that he knew for a long time that this World Championship would be his.

-You said in English that this is the first of your titles. How many do you plan to win?

-(Smile). Well, it’s a figure of speech. Now it’s time to enjoy this one, but of course I’ll try to get more.

-Did you plan to win the title by winning the race?

-I still don’t believe it and I assure you that I have been improvising it as I go along, because I didn’t know how I was going to be in the race. It’s hard for me to speak, I’m almost speechless, because I haven’t stopped screaming inside the helmet and I’ve shed some tears. This is incredible, to be able to win the World Cup by finishing first is brutal. We are world champions, pressure off, nerves off now. Now it’s time to celebrate with the whole team.

– Review the season.

-The truth is that this year has been incredible. We had a bit of a difficult start, but little by little we picked it up. Now all that remains is to thank everyone who has been supporting me, starting with my family, my entire team, who have been through the bad times as well as the good throughout the championship, and then to my friends and all the people who support behind.

What was going through your mind when you crossed the finish line?

-When I crossed the finish line my mind was totally blank. I only shouted on top of the motorcycle, until I reached them, where they were waiting for me to celebrate. It has been totally blank mind and yelling a lot.

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-What a hit the celebration with a double and that this was Terol…

I have met my double. When he spoke to me I already knew it was Nico. I was excited to see him there. He won a title too, and finding him and me on the track now, with him doing doubles, has been incredible. I also thank Nico for all the work he has been doing. I have been working with him for three years, three years of hard work and a lot of sacrifice with him.

-Has the pilot who has gone the most in the entire category won?

-Going to my ball has helped a lot, but I would highlight above all the six consecutive races on the podium, which was what gave us the advantage to now achieve it. I keep that part, although in reality I keep the whole championship, both with the bad moments and with the good moments. In the bad ones we have learned and in the good ones we have enjoyed, so now it’s time to really enjoy this title.

-What have been the bad moments?

-The truth is that there have not been many bad guys. We had at the beginning of the year, with the sanctions and a broken engine in Argentina. Then we had a downturn coming back from the summer in Austria, where we had problems, and at Silverstone they threw us out, even though we were ahead. The last bad moment we had was in Thailand, where we couldn’t hit the nail on the head, but at the end of all we got out.

-You can tell that you still don’t believe what you’ve achieved…

-I still not believe it. I’m pretty normal right now. Maybe too much. I’m like on a cloud.

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