I have been looking for the lyricist for years, the maker of the movie Hawa

I have been looking for the lyricist for years, the maker of the movie Hawa

‘Hawa’ is one of the most commercially successful films of Bangladesh released last year. Apart from doing good business in the domestic market, the movie created a storm in other Bengal as well. There were huge crowds, long queues at Kolkata’s Nandan Square to see Chanchal Chowdhury. The popular movie is now involved in controversy.

Allegedly, the name of the lyricist Moniruddin Ahmed is not given in the song ‘Aatta Bazh Deri Karis Na…’. But the name of the artist is given in the credit list of the movie. Suddenly, the topic of the name of the lyricist and composer of this movie is coming to the fore.

According to several Indian media, the original lyricist and composer of the song ‘Atta Baje, Deri Karis Na’ is Moniruddin Ahmed. His home is in Birbhum district of West Bengal, India.

The report also says that Moniruddin Ahmed wrote the song in 1986. There was also a cassette about it, in which his name was given. But his name was not used in the movie ‘Hawa’. However, no one else’s name has been included in this movie. Composer’s and lyricist’s names were replaced by collected text.

In this context, Mezbaur Rahman Suman, the producer of Hawa movie, said to Kal Kantha, ‘It is not that we did not give the name intentionally. Not that we have not searched the name of the lyricist and composer of this song. You will be surprised to know that we have been searching for the lyricist-composer of this song for years.’

On Wednesday afternoon, Suman told Kal Kantha, ‘I heard the song for the first time in 2015. My favorite song. Thousands have sung it, heard it on YouTube. When I was making the movie, I planned to record this song for the movie. I liked listening to Vasudev Mandal the most. Vasudev Mandal lives in Birbhum, India. I went there. He knows the song but does not know the name of the lyricist and composer of the song. Vasudeva Mandal said it was collected.’

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Talking about the recording process of the song, the popular producer said, ‘Vasudev Mandal’s house was next to Santiniketan. The song was recorded by him in India. The record is completed in multiple steps. After that I came to the country and added music. I have been tracking the lyricist and composer of this song since 2017 till the release of the movie. I have searched in various places in Calcutta and have not been able to find it.’

Talking about the background of the song, Suman also said, ‘We released the song on YouTube out of frustration and compulsion. Since the song was released regionally on cassette in 1986, it spread by word of mouth. But no one remembers the name of the actual lyricist. Since it’s going to be in the movies, I’ve spent years trying to find out who wrote it, who composed it—name it. If we knew the name of Moniruddin Ahmed, we would have brought him forward.’

On Wednesday afternoon, he spoke to the son of the real lyricist of the song, Moniruddin Ahmed, and said, “I spoke to Jamal Ahmed a little while ago. The song has 26 million views from one YouTube channel. There we are editing and adding the name of Moniruddin Ahmed as a lyricist and composer. And Jamal said his father was sleeping. Will talk to him in the evening. We will meet them in India soon.’

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