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“I have a crazy point, but I’m not”

"I have a crazy point, but I'm not"

“I am neither Sainz nor Alonso”. He is Albert Llovera, a pilot who has “a crazy point, but I’m not crazy.” The Andorran assures that “if we were crazy we wouldn’t even continue in any championship because no team would call you” and fortunately, this winter he will be able to start what will be his eighth Dakar, fifth at the controls of a truck. The good news has been revealed during the presentation of him asor ambassador of Ford Trucksbrand with which he will address the challenges of the desert within the FESH FESH team, together with that “madness that exists to surpass ourselves”.

Is about an “embryo” project next to a “brand new” truck (with 9000 kilos and 1050 CV) in which five or six months have been worked”. The machinery began to start up during “the last week of July” and they ran out of vacations to iron out the details of a prototype, which they will discover in depth as they accumulate kilometers in the desert. during the adventure you will be accompanied inside the cockpit by Margot Llobera as co-pilot and Peter Vojkovsky as a mechanic, and together they will try to bring a Ford to the finish line that renews illusions within a team of which Llovera wanted to highlight “everything the value system they have.

The Andorran pilot has faced to “a great day” that began to be forged with the publication of an image next to a Ford. And what in principle was aimed at the reaction of another brand, has ended up leading to an alliance that will allow Llovera to continue enjoying a Dakar that revives three times, edition after edition: “The first when I get here or on the 31st (from December) to take the start, the second is the one we all know and the third is every day when I get off the bus. It’s easier for me when I’m inside than when I’m in the bivouac”. However, that does not prevent “take advantage of every opportunity” that he is ahead of him, much less, going out to compete while “the best” are listed: “Because I feel very good, the best.”

That conviction has also had a lot to blame for the fact that Ford Trucks have placed all their trust in a driver like Albert, who, beyond the professional, has also convinced personally, as he acknowledges. Jose Luis Quero, CEO of the brand in Spain: “Albert embodies everything that I consider important in the human team that I lead and that we try to convey to our clients with our slogan ‘We share the load’. His personal history says it all. He is a person for whom there are no limits, despite his disability, and that he enjoys everything he does to the fullest. His capacity for sacrifice is an example for all.”

“A lifetime experience”

Both the brand and the pilot “they speak the same language” and that has generated a connection that has already left “very good impressions” inside the cabin. An objective? It will be discovered during the race, but “as far as no other will beat us is in drive and courage “, of a team that serves to “close a circle” as Margot acknowledges. The co-driver became fond of the Dakar listening to the stories of her uncle Albert, “she wanted to live the experiences he told us” and after three visits to the desert on a motorcycle and a year of co-piloting, the time has come to experiment again “a life experience” that for Llovera began in 2007.

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