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“I had nightmares after what happened”

“I had nightmares after what happened”

As Vettel well described after seeing the checkered flag at Suzuka, the weekend at the Japanese track was one of those “in which everything could go wrong.” Fortunately, the appearance of a tractor in the middle of the track when the drivers were still riding and the red flag had not been shown, remained an anecdote that remember the road that still remains to be done to continue ensuring the safety of the pilots. well unfortunately all the lessons learned so far now have been the consequence of fatalities that marked a before and after in Formula 1, despite the fact that at the Japanese GP all that was overlooked.

It was Gasly who sounded the alarm about the presence of a tractor in the opposite direction to that of the single-seaters on the track, under poor visibility conditions that could have unleashed another tragedy. As the pilot himself said after the race, he was “two meters from death if I hit the tractor” because of a maneuver that it still leaves the question of who it was authorized by. From that moment the pilots are looking for answers and the one from Alpha Tauri wanted to get them before anyone else, so he decided contact the FIA as account in a Twitch direct.

The Frenchman contacted the Federation to clarify the presence of the tractor on the track during the race in Suzuka and the body informed him that they are already working to solve what happened. “After the Japanese GP I had calls with the FIA. They will find solutions so that the tractor incident never happens again.” Gasly tells about it, about a scene that was too reminiscent of the accident that cost Bianchi his life on that same circuit and from which nothing had been learned for the Alpha Tauri. The lack of control on the Japanese track it was “unacceptable” and the fear experienced by the pilot so excessive, that Pierre claimed “to have nightmares after what happened.”

The jump to Alpine as a replacement for Alonso

Once Gasly returned to claim his position on what happened in Japan, the Frenchman also spoke about other F1 issues, among which the name of Fernando Alonso, driver whom he will replace at Alpine from next season. And the one from Alpha Tauri spoke about the Asturian: “He is one of the greatest of all time, Everyone says so! Fernando is a legend and that is why it is a pain to race against him, he is an incredible driver”.

After two seasons with the Enstone factory on his return to great circus, Alonso embarks on a new adventure which has led the French team to form a 100% local line-up, which had its pluses and minuses in the past. Gasly himself admits it openly and from Alpine, through Joe Saward, they have already made it clear that despite the friction, the team will work to “keep friction to a minimum”. But what happens once they lower their visor remains to be seen…

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