“I don’t think UEFA will make the same mistake as with Fenerbahce”

John of God Crespoa lawyer specializing in International Law and Sports Law, and a media figure in Barcelona because he was the one who deposited Neymar’s clause at the LaLiga headquarters, He removed iron in Catalunya Ràdio to the investigation opened by UEFA for the Enríquez Negreira case and took the case of Fenerbahce as a model. “UEFA has appointed some inspectors who are going to start studying a case and will make a report that will go to a first instance. If the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee sanctions, it would go to the Appeals Committee. And then I would enter the TAS. In 2011, Fenerbahce, the club, its president, and 35 people were under investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office. Before the final decision of the judges, UEFA sanctioned because it had received 10,000 pages from the Turkish Prosecutor’s Office. And in 2015, a criminal court declared all those people innocent.. UEFA could do the same, but it would surprise me. Because Fenerbahce did not present any lawsuit, but perhaps Barça would present one and if UEFA lost, it would be millions. What do I think UEFA is doing now? Healing in health with views to the world”.

In the opinion of John of God Crespowhich ensured that the investigation is going on for a long time and that he does not believe there will be a quick decision from UEFA and, therefore, a quick appeal to the TAS, the case of Fenerbahce was more serious. “The case of the Turks was more serious, I studied it. The Prosecutor’s Office said that not only referees had been paid, but also players to fix matches. What Fenerbahce had was much worse. And they were all acquitted.”.

Crespo also related this case to the first sanction of UEFA to the Super League clubs: “UEFA sanctioned the Super League clubs, but then, since it did not have the arguments to do so, it withdrew it.. That is why it has now changed its regulations to be able to sanction them (dissidents). If it were Barça, I would be optimistic”.

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