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I don’t know when Nisho got married, when he had a child, even as a friend: silent

I don't know when Nisho got married, when he had a child, even as a friend: silent

Afran Nisho said in response to a question in an interview with the Indian media Anandbazar, “My friend is quiet, Eman has kept his personal life under wraps. Not that it helped their careers much.’

But Nirab said the opposite. He said, ‘Afran Nisho is my friend, but I don’t know when he got married, when he had a child.

You know whether I have hidden my marriage, children or not. I can swear, even the media does not know when Nisho got married.’

Actor Nirav protested Nisho’s statement. He told Kal Kantha on Thursday evening, ‘I ran away and got married, even after that I did not hide it.

I called the media myself. Those news have been printed. I have a baby, I told the media. You can find news only by google.
But Nisho is my friend, I don’t understand how he went to an Indian newspaper and told such lies.’

Nirva expressed his anger and said, ‘You tell me, do you know the news that Nisho is getting married? News of his marriage came to the media? He has children, does anyone know this news? Ever come to the media? The issue that Nisho is talking about one after the other has happened by himself. He has always hidden his wife and children.’

Earlier, Afran Nisho came under fire for his statement about hiding his wife and children. This time he was a little embarrassed by pronouncing the name of Nirva.

He expressed silent anger.

In that interview, Nisho wanted to avoid the Shakib topic. People say there is only one superstar of Bangladesh – Shakib Khan. What do you like? Afran Nisho did not mention Shakib Khan’s name in response to such a question. He eloquently replied, ‘To me, Humayun Faridi, Ghulam Mustafa, Bulbul Ahmed are superstars.’

However, according to Nisho, there was a lot of respect for the artists of Calcutta.

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