“I don’t have any offer from Barcelona and I don’t want to know it”

The substitution in the Metropolitan Wanda and the absence in the call in the Vallecas Stadium to face Betis (1-1) They alarmed Rayista fans about Stole Dimitrievski’s situation.

This Monday, EKipa put him back in the orbit of Barcelona, ​​but the Norman goalkeeper denied having any offer from the Catalan club in an interview with Pasión por el Rayo Radio. “Hearing things like this makes you feel happy and grateful because surely I have done something good because that is why they ask about me. But I am very focused on working for the team and continuing to add. I do not have any information and directly I would not like to know it because it can affect my day to day. I am a very calm and serious person. Today Barcelona sounds, tomorrow Atlético but you have to be focused: train well, play well … but whatever has to come will come. Obviously anyone wants to improve and play for a big team but I’m very focused on Rayo “explained the goalkeeper.

He also explained that this absence was due to a nuisance, without more. “A few days of rest and treatment and I will get well and fit again in a couple of days. Rest assured, I am fine, I am recovering and I hope that next week I can be well and help my teammates,” he added. In addition, he explained that the COVID-19 that happened recently influenced this small injury. “This annoyance comes from COVID from being at home waiting without training and without working and then getting to it,” she explained.

Luca Zidane played in his place against Atlético and Betis, conceding three goals. The match against the Verdiblancos, precisely, was marked by controversy since the expulsion of former Rayista Alex Moreno for a clash with Isi Palazón. Betis claimed through its captain, Sergio Canales, its coach, Manuel Pellegrini and even a harsh statement through social networks that the refereeing was “incomprehensible” both in that play and in many others of the match. The Chilean also extended the complaints to the Vallecano stadium turf.

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Dimitrievski wanted to reply to these complaints. “Who else cries will receive more. That’s what I think. Everyone who criticized the referee, criticize, it’s their thing. We do our thing. In other games they have thrown us players, they have awarded us 8 or 9 penalties this season and we have not cried. We just improve our part and look at ourselves. If they criticize, next time they are waiting for them to give them something and it is not about that. They tied but deserved to lose because we had more chances than they did. They don’t look at that, “he said.

The keys to the revelation team

Stole Dimitrievski also took the opportunity to analyze the Vallecano team. This has positioned itself as the best venue in Europe and is already being listed as Primera’s revelation team on its return.

“We believed and I believe that we are where we deserve, neither more nor less. At home we are very strong, which was something we wanted from the first moment. Then, it remains to get some points away. We are a very good team, we are all going together with the team. The coach’s idea. When you do that, the team believes it and you get wins and draws and so many games without losing at home. It is very important that we believe it and we are achieving it. Our thinking is to go game by game, which is important. Let’s go. to have a great season with this thought. If we achieve salvation as soon as possible we can fight for more things, but the important thing is game by game, “he explained.

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