I did not lie in Parliament about electricity: Mumtaz

I did not lie in Parliament about electricity: Mumtaz

Mumtaz’s house is surrounded, why is it surrounded? Because Mumtaz talked about electricity – Mumtaz herself saw all such talks on Facebook. Telling this to the media, this singer and member of parliament said, ‘Propaganda is being spread in my name in various ways.’

Mumtaz said that what he said in Parliament about electricity is not a lie.

Momtaz, a member of parliament elected from Awami League and popular folk singer, faced the media to answer the criticism.

In response to so many trolls, so many discussions and criticisms, Mumtaz was saying, ‘What I said in the Parliament was not wrong. At that time, 30% of people in my village had electricity. After I took charge here, I gave electricity to 100% of the houses.

The popular singer said, ‘It’s not a lie, the way the government has produced electricity and given house-to-house lines, it’s really appreciated by the government and I have appreciated it.

100% electricity has been given to my constituency.’

Mumtaz said, ‘I entered Facebook and saw someone saying that Mumtaz’s house has been surrounded. Why? Because electricity is not available?’ Said, ‘This propaganda, this lie, does not shake your conscience at all? Why are we lying like this against only one person?’

Not to be harassed, but at the same time requesting not to belittle people, singer Mumtaz said, ‘I know you are wise people, you have a lot of knowledge. I request you not to harass and belittle people.

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