I couldn’t sleep all night, only the subject of kissing was on my mind: Shireen Shila

Couldn’t sleep all night, just thinking about that kiss. I got up early in the morning and found that boy. That boy broke my faith.

The words were spoken by actress Shirin Sheela.

Recently, the netpara is abuzz about the viral video of Shireen Shila and a spoiled teenager. It can be seen in the video that actress Shirin Sheela was shooting. He was shooting in police uniform. At this time, a distraught teenager came forward, hugging Shirin Shila.
Thinking that she was a child, the actress placed her on her chest and hugged her.

It is also seen in the video, once Shireen hugs Shila again as the teenager says, ‘Take me, I will study’. At the end the teenager kisses Shireen Shila on the cheek.

Shirin Shila knows the identity of that boy.

He told the voice of Kal, he is a rickshaw puller. Recently got married. The actress called the boy a ‘cheater’ while talking to Kal Kantha on Wednesday morning. He said, ‘He is married. Married 9 days ago.
Everything he told me was a lie.’

Shireen uploaded a video on Facebook this morning. Where can be seen, the boy is holding Shireen Shila’s leg and apologizing. Some in the shooting unit were even talking about handing him over to the police. He was eventually released.

Shirin Shila said while talking to the voice of time, ‘I thought the boy was a spoiled child and showed compassion. But he abused it. I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about it. I woke up early yesterday and started looking for him. Since the video went viral, everyone recognized him. I went to his house and saw that he has a wife. There is a mother. But he told me, he has not seen his mother.’

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The actress also said, ‘This incident shocked me a lot. I couldn’t imagine people cheating like this. He should have been given to the police. But in the end I gave up.’

Shirin Sheela said about the origin of the incident, “In the morning I went to an area of ​​Dhamrai for the outdoor shooting of the movie ‘The Writer’. A boy present at the shooting spot saw me and came forward and wanted to talk. I pull her close and talk. That boy then told me in an emotional voice that he doesn’t have parents; Nobody loves him. Sheela said, I am in love with that boy’s words. That’s why I put my hand on his shoulder and caress him. Then she says she is hungry, so I give her some money to eat. After that he hugged me. I took it for granted. To me he seems mentally unbalanced.”

The actress also said, ‘He also told me that he never got into the car. For this reason will get in the car with me. This is why he hugged me again and suddenly tried to kiss me on the cheek. I was shocked by his incident. Later, when the people who were shooting took him away, I returned in the car.’

This video of Shireen Shila went viral on social media. Facebook has become abuzz with various reactions.

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