I am also the paper house

Although the visible faces are those of the actors who give life to Tokio, Denver or The Professor, behind “La casa de papel” is a huge team of professionals who have seen the series grow and who feel part of its success. They are also “The paper house”.

“It is a choral series at all levels, in which the sequences are written to have many characters, you have many actors on stage and having to intervene with so many people is complicated, so behind the cameras it is exactly the same, we also have a Huge team ”, tells Efe Jorge Calvo, director of the series.

A few hours after Netflix broadcast the last five episodes of a project that changed Spanish fiction and has become a worldwide success, several members of the team chat with Efe about their experience and about the toughness of a project that has always required a dedication and total commitment, from the head of each department to the last assistant.

“After doing“ La casa de papel ”I think I can do“ Ben-Hur ”in two days. It has been a very tough series that has put us all to the test and we have been able to do something very big and beautiful, it is a very powerful experience for all of us that leaves us with great learning, ”designer Carlos Díaz, boss, tells Efe of the locker room team.

According to data offered by the producer Álex Pina’s Vancouver production company, to make the last season, the fifth, a total of 382 people were hired to work in two simultaneous units (two parallel shootings in two different scenarios) and 500 more as external providers.

What if I am LCDP? Me and my whole team, from me to the assistant. At the cast level, the series was very choral, but at the team level also because they were very large teams in which a lot of people participated. Although those of us in charge had a lot of responsibility because there were many people within the departments, the work has been very divided, ”explains Eva Martínez Álvarez, head of makeup for the series, who made a quantitative leap from the second to the third season (when Netflix came in), it counts.

From the special effects department they confirm it. "There is a lot behind all the departments, they are all very involved with the series and they work with a lot of passion and dedication and that just shows ”, adds Javi Jal, head of special effects. "We have gotten together many crazy about our work and the truth is that you can see it and it shows".

The part of you, he points out, is "the ornament". "The important thing is the script, which is what sets up and guides the entire series, if you have a good story to tell, the rest of the departments shine". But still, they are subtly in all the scenes.

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“There is almost no plane in the series that does not have a special effect, where there are no leaks there are particles, smoke, thousands of things. And this season was war and the challenge was to do something warlike indoors. No director has ever dared to wage war indoors, it is a novel thing in fiction, all wars and war movies have been made outdoors and no one has told something like that, “explains Jal, who came to the series in the third season .

The costumes are also subtle, going well beyond the iconic red jumpsuit. "There is life beyond the monkey because the series is full of characters and little characters and big characters of all kinds that do not always go in mono, and there is another wardrobe that is very interesting because the series goes back and forth between past and present", says Díaz.

Still, he confesses that one of the funniest things about his job has been "acclimate" the red monkey, "wash it, shoot it, dirty it"… He was also in charge of redesigning this piece when it came to the series in the third season and making a suit more adaptable to each actor.

"The first and second season jumpsuit was based on a purchased jumpsuit, a standard jumpsuit, to which a hood and zippers had been applied and when we faced the third season we wanted to redesign it and make it whole. We chose a very specific shade of red that would photograph very well and we applied more zippers and pieces that could be removed and put on, so that they could hang the pistols more easily", explains the designer, who left the catwalks a few years ago to dedicate himself to fiction.

About the end of the series, everyone agrees. It had to come, more sooner than later. "I already had to have an ending because lengthening the thing more than necessary I think is not good, so as not to disappoint and leave it at a high level. In addition, it is a very tired series and exhaustion is noticeable over time, on a psychological and physical level. So it’s over when it had to end", explains Martínez Álvarez.

The series ends and the teams break but "It is like a summer camp, that at first you get very sad when you finish, but then another camp comes and you make new friends, although you keep everyone’s love forever.".


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