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“I always dated the wrong people…” said Neena Gupta when given relationship advice

"I always dated the wrong people..." said Neena Gupta when given relationship advice

Bollywood actress Neena Gupta has created an identity for herself based on her talent. The actress has also done many superhit films. Neena often comes into discussion about her statement or fashion style. Recently, Neena also hit the headlines for her statement in an interview.

When Neena Gupta was asked for relationship advice in the interview, the actress refused to give any advice and said, “I am the wrong person to give relationship advice.” I myself have always chosen the wrong people, so please ask me not after that, otherwise I’ll give the wrong answer.

The actress said, “I have always made wrong decisions when it comes to relationships, so I will not give wrong advice to the youth in this regard. When I met my now husband, he was already married, so there was a lot of love between us. When difficulties arise, it is important to talk to yourself before entering into a relationship.

Neena Gupta also spoke about her daughter Masaba and said that I had insisted that she marry film producer Madhu Mantena, which I proved to be wrong and broke her heart. After that, Masaba was very shocked. After that, Neena married Satyadeep Mishra earlier this year. Masaba is the daughter of Neena and former West Indies cricketer Viv Richards.

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