Hypersonic Bullet: The world’s most dangerous ‘bullet’ shows its fierce form after melting, you will be surprised to know the firepower

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Hypersonic Bullet


  • Can run at hypersonic speed
  • The boar did not kill immediately but there were serious injuries on his body.
  • Ordinary bullets travel at a speed of 1.2 km per second

Hypersonic Bullet: In the world, China is leaving behind all the countries in terms of defense. China is working on many such projects, which in the coming time will not get to see such weapons with any country. China is working on a missile and engine running at five times the speed of sound i.e. hypersonic speed, but now China has decided to reduce the size of its hypersonic project. Now China is making such a bullet that can run at hypersonic speed. China has recently tested one such nano-second bullet to kill.

The pigs were unconscious after being shot

The South China Morning Post reported that researchers at an Army Medical Center in Chongqing recently fired 5 mm steel projectiles, which were fired at live pigs at a speed of 11 Mach or 13582.8 km. The pigs had fainted during the firing. To know what effect the bullet would have on humans, a shot was fired at the pig. This is 11 times the speed of sound to understand 11 Mach. The South China Morning Post report, citing a paper in the China Ordnance Society’s Acta Armamentary peer-reviewed journal, said that bullets fired in the thigh did not kill so many pigs immediately but had serious body injuries. He had internal damage such as bone fractures and intestines, lungs were completely destroyed.

Speed ​​up to 4 km per second

It was told in the same report that bullets enter the thigh at a speed of 1 km to 3 km per second, but when this speed becomes 4 km per second, a large wound is formed at the place where the bullet enters. Let us tell you that ordinary bullets move at a speed of 1.2 km per second. Bullets moving at hypersonic speeds reach their melting point, that is, they melt on the way to the target. This reduces the ability of bullets to hit the target.

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pit-like wound

The South China Morning Post reported that the bullets appeared to burn when they came into contact with the target, which released with tremendous energy during the collision but the high temperature caused them to melt. It has been said in the report that these molten bullets made a ball like a crater made by falling meteorite on the earth. When it hits the meat, both the bullet and the meat turn into a liquid form. The pigs were dead six hours after this test.

PLA funded the project

In the report, Chinese researchers said targets made from soap could also replicate hypersonic effects but still needed to completely destroy other vital organs such as the animal’s head, chest and abdomen, the South China Morning Post said. There are no open reports of hypersonic weapons being developed nearby. However, the PLA has given funding to the project related to the production of hypersonic speed bullets.

What could be the problem?

However, making such a weapon is quite challenging. This is because they cannot be fired with normal guns. Because he is not capable of firing bullets at such a high speed. If he shoots at this speed, the barrel may explode. Railguns can be used for these. In conventional weapons, bullets are fired with gunpowder but rail guns can be fired using electromagnetic energy.

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