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Husband Anas Syed was seen pressing Sana Khan’s feet, so he took care of his wife during pregnancy

Husband Anas Syed was seen pressing Sana Khan's feet, so he took care of his wife during pregnancy

: Today a video of actress Sana Khan, who decided to walk the path of religion by leaving the glamor industry, is going very viral. In this video, Sana’s husband Mufti Anas Syed is seen taking great care of his wife. In the video, Anas not only presses Sana’s feet, but Sana also shows her husband’s helpful nature to her fans.

Actually, this whole viral video is from Sana’s pregnancy. Recently, on July 5, a new guest has arrived at Sana y Anas’ house. On the other hand, Sana has shared the great help of her husband with her fans through this video. In the video, Sana’s husband Anas Syed is seen pressing on her feet. In addition, it is also seen how much he took care of her during her pregnancy.

Sana made this video while on a trip during her pregnancy period. At the beginning of this video, Syed Anas is seen leaving the house with heavy luggage. When this couple was heading to the airport, a big pillow is also seen along with a handbag, a suitcase in Anas’s hands. To comfort Sana during the flight, she took them out of the house with him.

At the same time, even during the flight, Anas is seen pressing his wife Sana’s feet to reduce swelling. In addition, Anas is also seen in the video tying Sana’s shoelaces. Meanwhile, Sana, who is recording the video, says look how helpful my husband is. During the video, Sana tells that for my comfort during the flight, she had brought five pillows during the 10-hour flight.

Sharing the video, Sana wrote in the caption, “Taking care of the swelling, tying my shoelaces and putting pillows on the seat for my comfort.” Each stage of the pregnancy was difficult, but it was also very beautiful in some ways. With each passing day we begin to love each other more. A woman never forgets how she was treated during her pregnancy.

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