Home Sports Hurricane won in Parque Patricios and fights in the Professional League

Hurricane won in Parque Patricios and fights in the Professional League

Hurricane won in Parque Patricios and fights in the Professional League

with fairness, Hurricane beat Talleres de Córdoba 1-0 this Thursday in Patrick Parkin the continuity of the date 23 of the Professional League.

In the plugin, Santiago Hezze scored the only goal in favor Diego Dabove’s team, who finished fourth In the table and does not get out of the tournament.

From the outset, the host decided to look for the arch in front. In fact, in just 30 seconds of play, defender Merolla in attack position opened for Cóccaro, who demanded goalkeeper Aguerre, but the play was annulled by referee Patricio Loustau for an offside that was later found to be non-existent.

Even without hurting, the Cordovans were encouraged to arrive in offensive positions with many people. Thus, the boy Ortegoza tested the insurance Chaves with a shot from outside the area.

Both lacked to be more precise when stepping on the opposite area. While Talleres tried to play neatly from behind starting from his goalkeeper captain, the Globe was perceived in a hurry and he tried too often with centers that did not always find a receiver; he was still more aggressive.

Until one of those shipments, this time by Walter Pérez, found Cristaldo’s head and Aguerre saved the fall of his bow, in the first play of real risk. Then, Soto launched a delivery to the left and this time Cristaldo headed wide.

Immediately after, Cabral squandered a great chance by biting the ball. Before the break, Ortegoza tried his left foot again and the ball went just high.

Already in the pluginthe visitor hinted to be deeper, but it was Hurricane the fact that took the lead after a pinpoint cross from Cabral that Hezze took advantage of with a header to put your team ahead.

The local was able to increase the account after Cristaldo escaped from the left and opened for the entered Luna, who wasted a clear chance.

Coach Javier Gandolfi made changes to the T to try to tie and almost succeeded after a macanón of Merolla that almost puts it in its own arc.

But in the end the Globe took care of the meager advantagehe kept the three points and fight to win the championship.

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