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Hurricane Shaheen: Warning issued in UAE!

Abu Dhabi police have issued a warning to drivers in the wake of Hurricane Shaheen in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to Arab media reports, Abu Dhabi police told the drivers how to avoid a possible flood situation and how to swim.

Abu Dhabi Police has issued advisory in various languages ​​in the wake of the hurricane forecast.

The agency said that Shaheen would also affect the coastal areas of the UAE, adding that citizens and tourists should take precautionary measures and avoid turning to coastal and low-lying areas.

Hurricane hit which Gulf country? Catastrophe (don’t look weak hearted gentlemen)

It has also been suggested that heavy rains could cause flooding in the valleys.

Hurricane swept away many civilians? (Baby don’t watch the video)

It may be recalled that the typhoon hit Oman yesterday, disrupting livelihoods, flooding coastal roads and causing deaths in various accidents.


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