Hurricane “Ion” left a story of destruction in Florida, killing 10 people

Destructive storm (Ian) left a story of destruction in the US state of Florida, the death toll has risen to 10.

Dozens of homes and properties were destroyed in Florida by the storm, 10 people lost their lives due to the storm, the storm is now heading towards North and South Carolina.

According to foreign media reports, US officials have confirmed 10 deaths and said that all of these deaths occurred in the southwestern county of Charlotte.

In the wake of the storm, scenes of damage and destruction are everywhere in Florida, with many homes flooded, roads and bridges damaged by the storm.

A large-scale search and rescue operation has been launched to search for dead bodies and rescue the injured in the storm-hit area.

US President Joe Biden warned that this category one storm could be the most destructive storm in Florida’s history.

The storm is currently inland where it will move toward North and South Carolina.

Since the storm, 2.2 million people have been forced to live without electricity.

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