Home World Hurricane Ida wreaks havoc in New York, killing 14

Hurricane Ida wreaks havoc in New York, killing 14

NEW YORK: Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc in New York City and New Jersey, killing 14 people in separate incidents.

According to media reports, the governor of the US state of New York, Kathy Howkel, and the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, while declaring a state of emergency, said that so far nine people have been reported killed in New York City due to the hurricane. Motorcyclists and subway riders who were trapped in the floodwaters were rescued overnight, Blasio said.

The hurricane has caused severe damage to property and property in New York City, the economic hub of the United States. Have been canceled.Viral images on social media show that New York’s subway platforms are completely flooded and people are worried about knee-deep water in their homes.

The Meteorological Department has warned of more heavy rains and asked people not to leave their homes.

Hurricane Ida is the fifth deadliest hurricane to hit central America.

Hurricane Ida has wreaked havoc in the southern state of Louisiana in the past few days, damaging thousands of homes and infrastructure, disrupting power in many areas.


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