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Hurricane Henri is heading for the United States

Henri, a storm that has become a Category 1 hurricane, is heading straight for the northeastern United States, a region usually relatively untouched by hurricanes.

It has been thirty years since such a hurricane hit the northeast coast of the United States. Winds of up to 120 km / h and heavy precipitation are expected to affect Boston on Sunday evening.

Last night, the governor of Massachusetts feared the worst. “The roads can be completely flooded in some areas which means you shouldn’t cross them, you should always be prepared for the possibility of power outages here too. We are in contact with our partners throughout western and central Massachusetts. And we’ll be ready to help you dry up roads, clean up debris and restore power as soon as it becomes necessary. ”

On the spot, the inhabitants make provisions, the shelves of supermarkets are emptied and the houses protected. On the coast, parks and beaches are already closed and should not reopen until Monday evening.

According to a spokesperson for the American agency for the study of the ocean and the atmosphere, “the last hurricane to make landfall in New England dates back to Bob in 1991”. At the time, the hurricane killed at least 17 people across the East Coast.

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